Pharmacy Software Features For Long Term Care Pharmacies

Rx Prescription Product ExcellenceLong Term Care Pharmacy Software - "PROscript 2000"
Listed below are some of the major Long Term Care pharmacy software features produced by the "PROscript 2000" pharmacy software system.

Rx Entry Enhanced Prescription Entry Built-in Billing & A/R Cycle Filling
Cycle Fill Automated Reconciliations Prescription Tracking & Verification Online Batch Billing
Rapid Refill Rapid Refill Facility Access via Internet Facility Internet Access (eLink)
Customized Labels Customized Labels Versatile Pricing Methods Flexible Pricing Schedules
Rx Rebilling and Review Retroactive Rebilling & Review Full Inventory Tracking & Reordering Inventory Tracking / Reordering
Automated Reconciliations Complete Integrated Billing &
Online Batch Billing Rx Tracking (Input Through
True 100% Windows Design Integrated "Paperless" Document
Full Medical Records Interface System Medical Records (auto-interface
or stand-alone system)
True 100% Windows Design i-PROscan Pharmacy App True 100% Windows Design Complete Workflow Management
True 100% Windows Design toteTRACK iOS Delivery App True 100% Windows Design Certified EMAR/EHR Interfaces

The above lists just a few of the many outstanding features incorporated into the "PROscript 2000" pharmacy software.

Retail Pharmacy Software
The "PROscript 2000" Retail Pharmacy Software contains the same superior functionality as our LTC software but with features tailored specifically for the retail environment, such as an Integrated Voice Response System interface, Signature Capture capabilities and Internet refill requests.




Go Mobile with i-PROscan

i-PROscan pharmacy appi-PROscan

Prodigy brings you the industry's first in-house pharmacy app.
Imagine performing NDC Verification, PV2, Tote Management, Inventory Audits/Updates, and delivery right from your mobile device. With an iPod or iPhone - IOS 5 or higher, the i-PROscan app allows you to do all of these tasks with speed, efficiency, convenience, and versatility - all on a powerful, lightweight device. Giving your pharmacy enhanced workflow and bigger profits. The future of pharmacy technology is here!


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The industry's most robust pharmacy delivery solution - now running on iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

This new, highly advanced version of toteTRACK is now running on Apple's iOS platform and has been specifically designed to provide easy-to-use, yet comprehensive features to pharmacies without the high costs associated with other delivery systems and devices. Deliver prescriptions accurately and efficiently for maximim profits and less expense. Anyone with an Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod can now perform prescription/tote delivery and obtain P.O.D. (proof of delivery) via this intuitive, easy-to-use app. View Privacy Policy.


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Efficient delivery. All in real-time.


Integrated Products
  • Docu-Flow - "Paperless" Document Management Software Docu-Flow captures all incoming faxes as well as e-mails and any scanned-in documents, and presents an electronic image of the received document to pre-determined users for processing. Documents can then be attached to prescriptions, patients, doctors and facilities for future retrieval.

    Docu-Flow is the most powerful and cost-effective Paperless Document Management System available within the industry today, and was developed by Prodigy, making the integration seamless.

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  • eLink - Facility Internet Access Prodigy's eLink facility Internet access software allows the pharmacy to grant facility personnel access to a number of nursing home related tasks - including, but not limited to enabling them to request refills, ordering and order tracking, view patient profiles, pre-admission checks, Med-A price estimations, and Rx & tote statuses.

    eLink users may also be granted access to check drug interactions, drug monographs, drug image & imprint information, as well as print critical reports back to the facility.

    eLink access is secure with 128-Bit Encryption and user-assigned access levels. Contact us for more details
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  • eMAR / EHR Interfaces
    PROscript 2000 provides certified interfaces to the most popular and sought-after modules that pharmacies require to operate efficiently and remain at the forefront of industry standards and technology. Prodigy prides itself on being considered an "early adopter" to many of the latest industry initiatives introduced, such as Surescripts EPCS and PrescribersConnection 10.6.
  • Specifically, the guess-work is eliminated when it comes to eMAR and EHR interfaces, as Prodigy is certified with PrescribersConnection and therefore is able to help reduce the burden placed on pharmacies which otherwise have to typically invest in multiple EHR/eMAR interfaces. The PrescribersConnection model allows Prodigy to supply one interface that can handle any EHR/eMAR vendor that is equally certified with PrescribersConnection. Pharmacies save time and money as a result.
  • These interfaces, along with others available, enable pharmacies to successfully comply with the latest industry demands while connecting seamlessly to required vendors from the PROscript system.

    View Prodigy/PrescribersConnection Certification Press Release


Leading the way..

Long Term Care Pharmacy Software FeaturesExperience the Prodigy difference.
Typically, pharmacy software vendors sell you numerous

different modules to accomplish

the necessities of a pharmacy management system. With

Prodigy you buy one module and

get everything you possibly need

to run a highly efficient and

effective operation.


From the #1 paperless document management system - DocuFlow, to a robust real-time delivery tracking module, to an "industry-first" pharmacy app, we provide the tools for your pharmacy to reach maximum profits and growth.


Experience what it's like to have a "complete" pharmacy system. Experience the Prodigy difference.

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System Interfaces
  • Electronic Medical Records (eMAR)
  • E-Prescribing (Surescripts™)
  • HL7 Interface
  • NetRx (Reconciliations)
  • Pyxis
  • MedSelect
  • AmerisourceBergen MedSelect
  • MTS "On Demand" Disp. System
  • Automed ATC / Baxter
  • Medicine-On-Time
  • Report Writer
  • MedDispense
  • eLink (Facility Internet Access)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Apothecare Consulting
  • RxPertise Consulting
  • Docu-Flow
  • toteTRACK (Delivery Tracking)
  • i-PROscan Pharmacy App
Prodigy is..

Surescripts Certified Pharmacy Software